Vauxhall Touch Up Paint

Professional quality Vauxhall touch up paint, our high quality paint can be used to repair stone chips and scratches on your vehicle.

Our convenient paints include a special additive to allow direct application, not requiring a seperate lacquer. Saving you time when protecting any chips and scratches from the elements.

We supply the most popular Vauxhall paint colours and provide the most popular matching variants or shades of these colours.

Either select your colour in the popular colour list or enter your order details below, please include your paint code, model, year and colour group(i.e. black, blue, red, or colour name if known).

Vehicle paint code systems can vary widely so we will use these extra details to double check your colour code and ensure we provide you with the correct colour for your vehicle.

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Popular Vauxhall Paint Colours

Vauxhall 179 / GEV Silver Lake
Vauxhall 163 / 4AU Lightning Silver
Vauxhall 177 / GAL Technical Grey
Vauxhall 168 / 4XU Metro Blue
Vauxhall 21B / 4CU Ultra Blue
Vauxhall 40R / GAZ Olympic White
Vauxhall 474 / 10L / 10U Glacier White
Vauxhall GAR / 22C Touch up Paint | Carbon Flash / Black
Vauxhall 20R / 2HU Black Sapphire
Vauxhall 547 / 79L / 79U Flame Red / Magma Red
Vauxhall 50B / GBH Touch up Paint | Power Red
Vauxhall GEU / 22A WaterWorld Blue
Vauxhall 20Z Royal Blue
Vauxhall 21C Air Blue
Vauxhall 21Z Oriental Blue
Vauxhall 291 Arden Blue
Vauxhall 397 Z397 Mint Silver / Silber
Vauxhall Polar sea Blue | 13L 282 Z13L Z282 | No lacquer req
Vauxhall1RU 167 GBF Touch up Paint | Pannacotta / Light Gold
+++ thousands more colours available +++

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