Audi Touch Up Paint

Professional quality Audi touch up paint, our high quality paint is easy to use and can quickly repair stone chips and scratches on your vehicle.

Our convenient paints include a special additive to allow direct application, not requiring a separate lacquer. Saving you time and protecting any chips and scratches from the elements.

We supply the most popular Audi paint colours and provide the most popular matching variants or shades of these colours.

Either select your colour in the popular colour list or enter your order details below, please include your paint code, model, year and colour group(i.e. black, blue, red, or colour name if known).

Vehicle paint code systems can vary widely so we will use these extra details to double check your colour code and ensure we provide you with the correct colour for your vehicle.

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Popular Audi Paint Colours

Audi LX7R Monsoon Grey touch up paint | X7R
Audi LZ7S Daytona Grau / Grey Car Touch up Paint | Z7S
Audi LZ9Y / Z9Y Phantom Black Car Touch up Paint
Audi LY9B touch up paint | Y9B Brilliant Black
Audi LY9C / Y9C Ibis Weiss / White Car Touch up Paint
Audi LZ7L touch up paint | Z7L Lava Grau / Grey
Audi Z5F / LZ5F Sprint Blau / Blue Car Touch up Paint
Audi Y9K / LY9K Amalfi Weiss / White Car Touch up Paint
Audi Z5C / LZ5C Mauritius Blue Car Touch up Paint
Audi LZ7H touch up paint | Z7H Meteor Grau / Grey
Audi LZ9W touch up paint | Z9W Ebony Schwarz / Black
Audi Y3J / LY3J Brilliant Red Car Touch up Paint
Audi LC6M touch up paint | Bright Green
Audi LA5J touch up paint Pacific Blue A5J
Audi LX5P touch up paint | X5P Estoril Blau
Audi LX5Q touch up paint | X5Q Scuba Blue
Audi LX7Z touch up paint | X7Z Delphin Grau Pearl
Audi LY1P touch up paint | Y1P Dakota Grau / Grey
Audi LY7H touch up paint | Y7H Akoya Silver
Audi LY7Q touch up paint | Y7Q Atlas Grau
Audi LZ3F touch up paint | Z3F Garnet Red
Audi LZ3M touch up paint | Z3M Misano Red Pearl
Audi LZ5A touch up paint | Z5A Deep Sea Blue
+++ thousands more colours available +++

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