Car Touch Up Paint

We supply easy to use car touch up paint for all current vehicle makes, including Audi, Bmw, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Vauxhall, VW and more. All paints are custom mixed to computer formulation ensuring excellent colour accuracy, These high quality all in one direct touch up paints require no lacquer so are very easy to use.

All kits include

Car Touch Up Paint Kit A
  • Direct Touch Up Paint
  • Car Touch up Paint 12ml
  • A Custom mixed one stage easy to use touch up paint suitable for quick stone chip and scratch repairs. Each paint will touch up hundreds of stone chips and scratches, no clear coat lacquer required.
  • 2 x Separate Touch up Brush
  • The best way to accurately apply touch up paint
  • Multi Use Polishing Cloth
  • Excellent for buffing touch ups - Removing misplaced paint and cleaning brushes

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