Car paint code location guide

Finding car colour codes on todays vehicles can vary widely depending on manufacturer.

Select your Vehicle brand in the navigation bar to find information on finding your car paint code.

We have years of experience in finding car paint codes and know the location for the most popular makes and models.

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Shades or Variants ?

paint chips - Colour Codes

Variants or shades of car paint codes are produced by manufacturers to allow for differences that commonly occur on road vehicles. ( Mainly due to exposure to the elements )

A large majority of car colour codes still match well to the factory standard shade and this is an excellent match for a large majority of scratch repairs.

But where necessary we use our experience to provide you with the most popular current matching shade to your vehicle's specific car colour.

Car paint code location

The most popular location for car paint codes is in the door shut of your vehicle (the area exposed when the door is open).

Popular locations also include the boot, engine bay, glove box and the service book / owners manual.

For more information Check out the paint code section for your brand by selecting it in the navigation bar above.